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I am extremely proud to announce that ArtMoi Studio for Artists is officially adopting the Patreon model for funding creative individuals.

We love what Patreon has done for creators and artists all over the world and feel strongly about the spirit of patronage as an effective way for people to show their support for the artists and products they love.

We are artists ourselves. We don’t paint, sculpt or draw; nor have we mastered any musical instruments. But, we do write code and for us, the process of creating ArtMoi is directly comparable to how an artist conceptualizes, builds and feels about their own creations.

Our users are also artists. And like the works they create, artists come in all shapes, sizes and dimensions. Some of our users are internationally successful and some only create as a hobby.  As such, they all see different value when using the exact same tools.

With Patreon, we have now adopted a pay what you can pricing model. We are letting our users determine for themselves the value they see in the tools we provide and choose to do so only at a point when they are financially able.

We believe this model gives us both the freedom to innovate and to let artists, of all shapes, to have access and the ability to protect and preserve their own legacy.

To fully understand why we feel this way, I would like to share both the reason we built ArtMoi and the realities of building and innovating with technology.

The Reason

When I first started thinking about ArtMoi, the concept and motivation were pretty simple — I believed that artists deserved the right to have influence over how their artwork was used and managed, long after it left their studio.

I had spent over a decade working through the rise of the internet (or information superhighway as we called it in those days) and through the first dotcom bubble. I had amazing opportunities to work on some ground breaking platforms in the shipping, logistics and pharmaceutical industries. I developed a strong understanding of how technology, specifically web-based and open source technology, can transform how products are moved, managed and tracked all around the globe.

Here’s the truth though… I don’t really like logistics or pharmaceuticals.

Growing up in an art gallery, I developed a natural and almost instinctual appreciation for art and the work that artists do. It felt, to me, that the contribution artists make to society, culture and the general well being of people everywhere was of unmeasurable importance.

I also saw that slowly, over time, artists lose touch with the works they create and increasingly get left out of the processes of how their artwork is bought, sold, curated and ultimately preserved, valued or understood.

It’s this problem which has prompted attempts to implement artist resale rights in many different countries. At a high level, it’s an idea with a lot of merits. But the issue is that it is inherently complex and expensive to administer.

It became extremely evident to me that the art world needed to evolve; particularly in the way we think about ownership and responsibility regarding provenance. The historical knowledge about a work of art forms the basis of which understanding and value is assessed. Artists needed an opportunity to become the custodians of this information and have real influence over their own legacy.

The Reality

Building software that is scalable, secure and can stand the test of time is a complex moving target. Every year the technological landscape of devices, requirements and third-party tools changes. And for the art world to keep up with this evolution requires our own momentous efforts to innovate.

The ArtMoi platform will never be finished as we will always be working to adopt the best and latest approaches to supporting new devices and new ways for users to consume technology.

Because of this, we need to find the point of sustainability. This is where our base cost to run our platform and continue to innovate is supported through the patronage of our users as well as subscriptions to a select set of professional features.

When a platform becomes sustainable is when the full impact of its design can be realized for all users. We believe a pay what you can pricing model is the path to sustainability.

If you’re a new creator looking for a way to build your own sustainable creative process, a historian looking for a way to preserve the legacy of an artist you love, or you’re simply a lover of the arts and believe in our mission, we invite you to show your support by becoming a patron of ArtMoi.

Become a Patron!

We value every bit of support we get, whether in the form of financial support or just by helping us share our message with creators everywhere. Thank you!


Ryan Mayberry ArtMoi Founder