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Along with some minor and major bug fixes, we’ve just rolled out some new and/or improved features for ArtMoi Studio!

Currency Defaults

You can now choose the currency in which you sell your art. To set your currency default head to Profile > Account Settings > Settings. Here’s the tutorial.

Calendar Format

We’re putting it into your hands to choose the calendar format for your Creations as well as a general date format related to public and private pages you may want to share. To choose your date format head to Profile > Account Settings > Settings. Here is the tutorial if you prefer. We like giving you choices.

Website Activation Process

We streamlined our website activation process to improve the experience for our users. It is real easy, but heres the tutorial just in case.

Share Buttons

Share your Creations to social media directly from ArtMoi! Choose the Creation you want to share, select the Publish tab, and toggle the Public Record on to enable the share buttons. You can also follow this link to the tutorial.

Private Link Design Changes

We like things to look nice, ya know?

New Custom Field Types

Three new custom field types are now available:

  • Date. When you want to enter a calendar date.

  • Decimal. When you want to enter a a price or decimal number. (123.45)

  • Select List. When you want to create a drop down list of options.

Canadian Pricing

Due to popular demand we’ve added Canadian pricing for our Emerging and Established Portfolio plans!

That’s all for now! If you ever have any questions, suggestions, or feedback you can reach us at [email protected]