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We’ve got some updates for you! First things first, we squashed some bugs you may or may not have noticed to keep things moving smoothly while you catalogue. We also updated a couple things and added a few new features, read on to learn more!  

Advanced Edition Management

If you’re an artist who works in editions or prints, we’ve got some great news for you. ArtMoi Studio now has the capability to create editions from a single “parent” Creation. The “child” copies will be created with the same details as the parent. You can easily change any information for each individual Creation in the edition that might be necessary. Did you change the colorway for each print? No problem! Printed some on a different date? Easy! Follow this tutorial to learn how.


Exporting Your Data

Something we are asked quite frequently when an artist is considering ArtMoi is, “Can I export my data if I change my mind?” The answer has always been, “Yes, of course!” Obviously, we never want to lose an artist, but we understand things change. We’ve always offered the option to export data for any user who needs it but now you can do it yourself! Even if you don’t plan on leaving us, you still might want to export all of your data. Exported data will be available in both .json and .csv file formats. Here’s a quick tutorial in case you need it.

 export example
export example

Advanced Search

You can now search for your custom fields in the Advanced Search bar! Isn’t that cool?



A small but important update; the location drop down menu in the details tab under each creation is now organized in alphabetical order.

Portfolio Sites: Widgets

ArtMoi users on the Established Plan can now add widgets in the right side bar. We’ll let WordPress show you how to do this since they are the experts: click here.