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You asked and now we’re delivering! Introducing our newest add-on feature, Pro-Storage. Pro-Storage allows ArtMoi users to upload any type of file of any size to their account with the option to ‘attach’ files to specific creations. Store high-resolution images, certificates of authenticity, invoices, gallery contracts, or consignment deals all in one place! Plans start at $10 per month USD depending on your storage needs.

To try Pro-Storage free for 14 days, log in to your ArtMoi account, and navigate to the bottom of your menu options and select Pro-Storage.

Art Sync on Shopify

Did you know ArtMoi has a Shopify integration available to Artist and Gallery users? Sync your ArtMoi inventory seamlessly with your Shopify store to easily sell your work online with one of the most trusted e-commerce platforms. Shopify also offers Point of Sale hardware so you can sell directly on site from art shows, your gallery, or in your studio. Learn more about the app on our website and check out our app store listing here.

App Development

At ArtMoi, there are two things we know really well: how to build highly scalable and progressive web apps and how and why the art world functions the way it does. ArtMoi is more than just an online cataloguing tool. ArtMoi, at its heart, is a development platform which makes building technical solutions for the art world a lot faster and a lot easier; from small jobs like helping users set up their ArtMoi accounts to larger custom development projects.

The ArtMoi team has decades of experience in building and maintaining state of the art solutions for the art world. We also partner and support the technical vision for brick and mortar art-based businesses. This combined knowledge and experience makes ArtMoi the perfect choice in a development partner for your own art based business or service. ,

Visit our App Development page on our website to learn more.