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This past September we created an artist invite with Ello, The Creators Network, to offer artists using their social platform the opportunity to compete for a few monetary grants and free ArtMoi services. We provided a theme, Humans vs. Technology, and let the artists interpret it. We received nearly 800 incredible entries and the decision-making process wasn’t easy but in the end, Brazillian artist Ninhol came out on top.

Ninhol works with both traditional and digital methods to create his works. From minimalistic black and white line drawings to elaborate colourful illustrations, his works evoke strong emotions and familiar feelings.

We had the opportunity to ask Ninhol a few questions about his life as an artist and how technology fits into the art world.

ArtMoi: What type of artist are you and how long have you been creating?

Ninhol: This is a great question, I always question myself about it. Currently, I would define myself as a visual artist that makes use of countless tools to achieve a result.

A: What sparked your interest in art?

N: Art has always been the way that I found to express myself, which I could not do otherwise.

A: How did you get started in your art career?

N: I always drew but just making use of technology that I could manage to show what I created, that changed everything to me.

A: Can you tell us a little about your artistic process and what mediums and/or programs you use?

N: I’m a fan of traditional processes as well as digital processes. Pencil, paper, canvas, markers work on together with an iPad Pro, Procreate and Illustrator.

A: Do you have a favourite commission or advertising job you’ve done for a client?

N: The winner of ArtMoi is one of my favorites at the moment 😉

A: Tell us about the piece you submitted for the humans vs technology artist invite.

N: I think that despite the new possibilities offered by the use of technology we must reflect the use of it. Sinking into all this possibilities can disconnect us from reality.

A: As a technology company that builds solutions for the art world, we’ve found some people in the art world are apprehensive about using new technology resources. Has technology benefitted you as an artist? If yes, how so?

N: Definitely the technology allowed me to get here. I think we should have a critical view about it but at the same time, make use of the resources available. Beyond the possibility of reaching a global audience, I can access new tools to develop creative processes.

A: How do you imagine technology will benefit the art world over the next few years? 

N: I think technology will play a key role in the development of creative processes, as well as enabling better management of all of your work over time.

A: Who and/or what inspires you?

N: People, human interactions, the use of technology in everyday life… These things always catch my attention 🙂


You can find more of Ninhol’s work on his websiteEllo, Facebook, and Instagram.

Check out the runners-up of the ArtMoi Artist Invite here: Carlos ARL and Ivan Canu.