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Activating a portfolio website with ArtMoi really is as easy as 1-2-3 and we’ve got the video tutorials to prove it. As a bonus, we’ve included some basic WordPress editing pointers for the Established plan with minute markers so you can see exactly what you need.

Special thanks to Meghan Hildebrand for letting us use her amazing artworks as examples. You can find her works here:

Standard Portfolio

Our Standard plan is the most basic portfolio website option and is completely free! Publish up to 18 of your creations using one of our clean, concise templates and include links to your social media or other contact points.


Emerging Portfolio

If you have more than 18 creations you want to publish to your website, the Emerging plan is the way to go. Publish an unlimited amount of creations including curated collections. Additionally, visitors to your website will be able to contact you via the embedded contact form.


Established Portfolio

If you’re looking for a more robust and customizable website experience, the Established plan is right for you. This plan allows you to customize your site using WordPress so you can add extra pages for things like a blog, biography, artist CV, and anything else your audience might need or want to know.

For more information about the ArtMoi Portfolio websites, visit this link. You can also see examples of sites powered by ArtMoi in this blog post.